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Suffering an injury from a defective product, medical malpractice, or contaminated food source in Stockton, California can be life-changing, and require extended medical care, time away from work, and expensive rehabilitation costs all because of the negligence, actions, or inactions of another.

At the Schultz Redmond Law Group, PC, our San Joaquin County lawyers are focused on protecting the over 310,000 residents that reside in our city who are subjected to injuries simply for being a consumer. Our Stockton, California attorneys have designed successful cases for injured parties that have resulted in substantial financial settlements and jury verdicts for more than twenty years, and we can do the same for you and your family.

Major Employers In Stockton, California

Stockton, California has seen a resurgence over the last decade with new jobs and career opportunities that are leading our residents into the stable lifestyles they deserve.

Some of the largest employers in Stockton, California include:

The Schultz Redmond Law Group, PC Stockton, California Attorney Practice Areas

As consumer advocates and dedicated Stockton, California attorneys who focus on protecting our clients’ rights, we build strategic financial recovery opportunities for injury victims who have been hurt in any of our practice area categories.

At the Schultz Redmond Law Group, PC our Stockton, California attorney practice areas include:

Class action lawsuits are established when a group of injured individuals is hurt by the same defendant in the same way. This can include cases where prescription drugs cause severe side effects that were not outlined in their warnings or medical devices that lead to severe injuries that cause our clients more pain than their previous condition could.

Typically, when 40 or more people are suffering from the same injuries through the use of the same product or service, our class action attorneys in Stockton, California take exception to the negligence and focus on providing the financial recovery our clients deserve in court.

Elder financial abuse is one of the fastest growing forms of senior exploitation in the United States. Our elder abuse lawyers in Stockton, California provide an in-depth analysis of where the fraud has occurred, as it can be perpetrated by a trusted member of the senior’s circle, including friends and family member, or from a stranger who is operating a scheme via phone or in person.

No matter the origin of the elder financial abuse, our attorneys have spent more than two decades developing a successful approach to discovering who the responsible parties are and pursuing them for damages.

While elder financial abuse is growing in numbers, elder physical abuse is still a major problem throughout the country. At The Schultz Redmond Law Group, PC our Stockton, California elder physical abuse attorneys are focused on removing seniors from abusive circumstances while pursuing the financial recovery they deserve for their injuries.

What’s more is that our Stockton, California elder physical abuse lawyers demand change from each of these cases. We hold not only the person or group responsible for their horrendous acts of abuse, but the facilities in which these individuals work, so other seniors are not subjected to these injurious circumstances going forward.

  • Food Poisoning Cases

Romaine lettuce contamination is not the only cause of food poisoning in Stockton, California, as each segment of the food supply chain can directly cause dangerous conditions for consumers. Farmers, ranchers, processing plants, packaging facilities, distributors, and suppliers can each add a threat level to our food’s safety.

Grocery stores and restaurants share in the causes of food poisoning in Stockton, California by improperly storing, preparing, or handling food that is distributed to consumers. Our lawyers are focused on delivering financial recovery options for our clients who suffer from food poisoning while holding the proper party responsible for our clients’ illnesses.

Medical malpractice can happen in a doctor’s office, during surgery, while giving birth, through emergency room visits, and during routine wellness check-ups. If you have been injured during a medical procedure, contact our experienced medical malpractice attorneys in Stockton, California today to learn how we can hold the responsible party accountable for your financial recovery.

As consumers, we purchase products with the expectation of safety during its use. When that expectation is breached, and someone is injured because of a defective product, our entire Stockton, California community is at risk. Our products liability attorneys will investigate the cause of the defective product and seek more than financial recovery, but a change in the way the product is designed, manufactured, or marketed to our community so no one else is injured going forward.

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If you have been injured in any way as a consumer, contact our Stockton, California attorneys today at (916) 922-2310 to schedule a free consultation, and learn how we can help you pursue a case against the person, party, or company who caused your injuries.

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