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At the Schultz Redmond Law Group, PC, our lawyers in Chico, California have decades of experience protecting the rights of consumers throughout Butte County who have been injured by the negligence and detrimental oversights of individuals and companies.

With over 93,000 people calling Chico, California home, it is important that our residents have access to accomplished attorneys who can provide elite legal representation that delivers a committed approach to pursuing results. For more than twenty years, the lawyers at the Schultz Redmond Law Group, PC have created solutions that allow our clients to recover the financial settlements and jury verdicts they deserve for their injuries.

Major Employers In Chico, California

While much of the local economy is driven by the presence of California State University, Chico and its astonishing Chico University Arboretum, other prosperous industries including health and social services, arts, entertainment, retail, accommodations, and food services also provide exceptional employment opportunities throughout Chico, California.

With larger companies like the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, one of the largest craft beer breweries in the United States, and online retail giant calling Chico, California home, the economy has a solid foundation for locals and visitors alike to enjoy.

Part of Chico, California’s vibrant charm is derived from Bidwell Park, the ninth largest municipally-owned park in the United States, which makes up over 17% of the city and includes the always-popular attraction the Bidwell Mansion State Historic Park.

The Schultz Redmond Law Group, PC Chico, California Attorney Practice Areas

We are advocates for consumer safety and take our role in protecting the rights of our Chico, California residents very seriously. Providing stellar, personalized legal care allows our Chico lawyers to deliver results in each of our practice areas.

The Schultz Redmond Law Group, PC Chico, California attorney practice areas include:

If you or someone you love has been injured by a product, by a person, or as a result of a company or physician’s negligence, contact our skilled Chico, California lawyers today to understand how we can help you pursue the responsible party for financial damages.

Experienced Elder Abuse Lawyers In Chico, California

At the Schultz Redmond Law Group, PC, our Chico, California elder abuse attorneys are the preeminent protectors of our senior community. With decades of experience and a successful track record that reflects our commitment to our aging residents, our elder abuse attorneys provide personalized legal care that produces results.

When families make the difficult decision to place their loved one in another’s care, and they are physically, emotionally, or sexually injured as a result, our lawyers want to hold the responsible party accountable for their injuries.

Responsible parties can include, but are not limited to:

  • Doctors, nurses, and physician assistants
  • Hired caregivers
  • Nursing home staff
  • Family members
  • Friends
  • Neighbors

Neglect and abandonment are elder abuse, too. Both are equally hurtful, and can leave an older person in danger when they are not receiving the compassionate care they deserve. If you believe your elder is exhibiting signs of abuse, do not hesitate to contact our elder abuse lawyers in Chico, California, so we can launch a legal investigation that will pursue change that delivers a safe environment for everyone.

Successful Elder Financial Abuse Attorneys In Chico, California

Elder abuse does not have to come in the form of physical, emotional, sexual abuse or neglect. In fact, one of the fastest growing forms of fraud in the United States is elder financial abuse.

At the Schultz Redmond Law Group, PC, our elder financial abuse attorneys in Chico, California are dedicated to stopping fraudulent behavior that places our seniors in difficult financial positions. Seniors throughout the State of California are losing their benefits, savings, and even their homes to individuals who prey on their kindness and fragility.

What’s even more difficult to identify is when a trusted person, like a caregiver or family member, is taking advantage of an elder. Their trusting nature and inability to understand when they are being taken advantage of can place any senior in a difficult financial position, and our Chico, California elder financial abuse attorneys want to help you put a stop to your loved one’s financial injuries before it is too late.

Have You Or A Loved One Been Injured By A Product, Person, Or Company?
Contact Our Chico, California Consumer Protection Attorneys Today For Help

As consumers, we trust that the products we use, the medications we take, and the companies we trust, including medical staffs and hired caregivers, are providing safe and effective solutions for our needs. When they fail to provide the safety and care that is required by law, our Schultz Redmond Law Group, PC Chico, California attorneys can help hold them accountable. Contact our Chico, California law office today at (916) 922-2310 to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help protect your rights while pursuing the financial recovery you deserve.

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